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Mombasa Sports Club
Mnazi Moja Rd, off Moi Avenue
Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: 041 2224226 / 705
Cell: 0727 288 111


We house an ultra-modern glass squash court thus enabling us benefit from watching some best players in Africa in action through organized tournaments.

2 walled courts and 1 glass-back court.



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History of Squash at the Mombasa Sports Club

Squash at the Mombasa Sports Club started around 1930. In 1939 the English Amateur Squash Champion Mr. Gandar Dower played a series of exhibition matches on the Club's court, which did much to stimulate further interest in the game. The original cement floor in the old court was changed to wooden floor in around 1982. At the same time the second squash court was built with the funds coming in when part of the tennis courts were sold to D.T. Dobie & Limited.

At present we have about thirty (30) regular squash playing members with quite a few more joining. The standard of players vary from beginners, medium to top players in the Coast. It is worthwhile to note that it is the only active club for squash on the Coast whereby a player of any standard can get various opponents to play with. The Coast Open Tournament is a regular event at the Club during Easter time with approximately 50 players from allover the country coming down every year. For the last four ( 4) years the event has been sponsored by Athi Stores. The Coast 'Closed Tournament' is normally held around September for the benefit of the Coast players. This event for the last few years has been sponsored by International Distillers (K) Limited.

Currently, the governing body for squash in Kenya -Kenya Squash Rackets Association (KSRA) is doing very little to promote the game at the Coast and the junior players have very little encouragement to get into top ranks in the country. All this can hopefully change in the very near future with the upsurge of a third court -a glass backed squash court. This project is almost at completion. The project had been undertaken about two years ago but the actual building of the court started six months ago.. This is the first glass backed squash court in whole of Coast with a few in Nairobi and one in Kisumu. The project is worth about Kshs. 2 million. The major donor is ABN-AMRO Bank with a donation of Kshs. 500,000/-. The other donations which have either been received through cash, material or services from various other people.