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Corporate Membership Parameters

A. Membership

  1. The Membership shall be limited to a minimum of 5 nominated members, their spouses and children below the age of 14 years. The maximum number shall be determined by the Membership and Management Committees.
  2. The onus of the membership lies with the Company proposing the nominated member. The membership of the nominated member shall lapse if he/she ceases being an employee/member of the nominating company.
  3. On disciplinary matters, the nominated member shall be subject to rules and by-laws governing the conduct/discipline of members.
  4. The company/corporate member shall be liable for all the expenses incurred by the nominated member, spouse and children.
  5. A nominated member shall be eligible to one nominated spouse only.
  6. All the bills shall be sent to the nominated member for payment. However, the company shall give a bank guarantee or a deposit as security.
  7. The nominated member shall obtain a minimum of five (5) signatures from office bearers and Membership Convenor within one month upon being nominated by the Company.
  8. Club rules governing signing in of guests shall apply to guest of the nominated corporate member.
  9. A Corporate nominated member is not eligible to propose and/or second a new member.
  10. Corporate nominated members shall not be entitled to voting rights.

B. Maximum Number of Persons

  1. The membership shall not exceed the maximum allocated members and/or persons but a replacement to a resignation shall not pay an additional entrance fee.

C. Duration

  1. Corporate membership shall be for a term of three (3) years to be renewed at the option and/or discretion of the Management Committee.

D. Subscription

  1. Monthly subscriptions payable shall be at the rates of subscriptions applicable to all members of the Club or as authorized by the Management Committee.
  2. All monthly subscriptions must be paid in full even if a nominated member’s slot is left vacant.

E. Termination

The termination of membership shall apply to corporate member and the nominated member as follows:

 a. Company

  1. Failure by the company to meet the guarantee and or its obligations shall result in cancellation of the membership.
  2. A one month’s notice shall be served by either party seeking to terminate the membership within which period all due accounts must be settled and/or paid.
  3. The company shall forfeit the corporate membership if any single nominated member is defaulted. The whole corporate membership will cease.

b. Individual

  1. All Club rules regarding cancellation/resignation/ suspension/expulsion of members shall apply in full upon a nominated member.
  2. The company or corporate member may terminate the nomination of its member at any time.

F. Entrance Fee

KES 75,000/= per individual member valid for three (3) years.

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