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Mombasa Sports Club
Mnazi Moja Rd, off Moi Avenue
Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: 041 2224226 / 705
Cell: 0727 288 111

Rules for Reciprocating Members

  1. The Committee may from time to time agree to reciprocation arrangements with other clubs
  2. A reciprocating member must produce to the Manager, a reciprocating letter and/or a current membership card from his own club with a request for reciprocation facilities, and he shall notify the Manager the date from which he intends to start using the Club and the date of his proposed departure. A reciprocating member shall enter such particulars as are called for in the Reciprocating Register provided by the Club
  3. Members of a Club with which the Committee may agree to reciprocate shall be entitled to use this Club for such periods and under such conditions and upon payment of such fees as the committee may from time to time prescribe. A reciprocating member may not use this Club as a reciprocating member for more than a total of one month in any calendar year. Unless specifically provided otherwise by the committee in writing with regard to a specific Club [s].
  4. Reciprocating members shall have no credit facilities or voting rights and shall not be entitled to introduce guests to the club.